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Perseverance 30 X 22 Inches - Acrylic On Watercolor Paper

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Free Shipping - 30 x 22 inches - acrylic on paper - framed

A study in contrasts.   Positive interacting with negative.   Pure saturated color cozying up with muted shades of the same.   Organic interacting with geometric.   

So often in life the choices are not between black or white, butbetween grays.  Sometimes the choices are equally appealing.   As a culture we talk compromise, but we don’t walk that talk.  We want it our way and we want our way now.    

This seris was slow.  I started with chaos and worked days, sometimes weeks, to resolve it into something beautiful.   It was so tempting to quit and just start over, but I hate giving up.  I hope that this painting speaks to perseverance, individually and corporately.

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