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River Glow One 22 x 22 inches acrylic on canvas

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Inspired by the dynamics of Spring. The abundance of life and light and sound.  The textures of Spring delight the eye and soul.

River Glow One is all about the glow.  The river is one of mind an imagination.  The inspiration, my neighbor's cow pasture in spring overflowing with light, tradition, and possibility.  Cattle, cowbirds, songbirds, humming insects, a plethora of wildflowers, and grasses.  The snare drumming of outdoor marching band practice, the rumbling and horns of trains crossing beneath Chisolm Trail, mixes with the traffic on highway 377.   Top it all off with blue skies and jet contrails.  Such is life on the outskirts of Fort Worth, Texas.  On the other side of the cow pasture, on the other side of imagination, everyone is in a hurry.  
Standing next to the fences, mooing at Ms. Well's cattle, nothing hurries.  The cows chew their cuds. It rains. It doesn't rain. The birds chase insects. Spring comes. Flowers bloom.  The river of life just keeps flowing. 
Magic still exists in the world and in the imagination. 

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