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Glimpsing Hope 22 X 30" Acrylic On Watercolor Paper

Glimpsing Hope 22 X 30" Acrylic On Watercolor Paper

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Free Shipping - 22 x 30 - acrylic on paper - unframed

The second painting in the Connections series followed an intense year of exploring prayer through art.   My heart moved from broken to hopeful as I began to see patterns in the chaos.   I stepped away from my usual exuberant use of color to explore patterns.
    I have lived with these paintings for the last two years to see if they were “enough.” I wanted to know they would remain engaging before I released them into the world.  They are bold enough to make a statement and subtle enough to hold the viewer’s attention.   The direct image demands attention and yet the happenstance keeps you looking.  
     I have enjoyed living with this series and I hope you find the exploration an encouragement in your life.   I like to hang them in conversation with each other much to my delight and the delight of guests in my home. 

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