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Subversive Joy 30 X 22 Inches - Acrylic On Watercolor Paper

$ 1,800.00

Free Shipping 30 x 22 inches - acrylic on paper - framed

Joy, once embraced, multiplies.   It runs beneath the surface of life and pops up in unexpectedly.  

I am reminded of a hallway at SWTSU, now Texas State, that held the portraits of their presidents.  Planters were beneath each painting when I was a little girl and my father was a biology professor there. Inevitably SOMEONE would introduce unauthorized seeds into the planter soil and happy little marijuana plants would shoot up amidst the ivy. Much to the chagrin of the administration, they seemed to be hardly little plants who thrived in that hallway.

Joy reminds me of these subversive seeds popping up in unexpected places.

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