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Delicate Morning 48 x 36 " acrylic on board

Delicate Morning 48 x 36 " acrylic on board

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4 x 3 feet - acrylic on panel - unframed

Adoption* is a direct response to the adoption of my great niece, by my sister.  My niece had been killed and my sister was trying to adopt her grand daughter.   It was an ordeal and at the first court date the adoption was delayed.   It was completely unexpected and devastation reigned.  

We were hurt and angry and afraid.  This painting is a quite literal interpretation of the fight, which lasted 15 months, for this much loved little girl.   The battle was not between family members but for legal custody and adoption.   The top of the painting represents our hopes in the midst of mourning.  The black is the barrier of a legal system that intends well, but in actuality provided no protection for anyone concerned.   The massive organic golden column is love and prayers breaking through the legal barriers and pushing forward into the wide open expanse of a future filled with hope.  That future acknowledges that more barriers will arise, but that they, too, will be surmounted.   As the gold moves through the barriers it expands and becomes more concrete and textured.  True love tried and tested by fire.   

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