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Bridge Between Seasons 22 x 30 mixed media on 140# paper

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Is the bridge between Winter and Spring?  Is the bridge between Fall and Winter?  

Calendars remove any doubts while what we see is not always definitive.  

It is even harder to recognize the season applicable to our lives.  There is no calendar and the visuals are often hidden.  

This painting began as a recollection of a trail ride with friends.  I crossed the stream in the wrong place and Blue Skies and I did some swimming.  Somehow I stayed in the saddle.  We were both rather horrified by the experience.  Horrified and exhilarated.  (I kinda want to try it again.)

It is prudent to slow down, to stop, to be still and determine the season.  Is this a season of growth, of maturing, of waiting, of pulling back.  From the bridge you can see where you have been and where you might go.

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