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Yellow Brick Road 36 x 36" acrylic on canvas, framed

$ 3,000.00

Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road... In Fort Worth, Texas we have red brick roads. The history behind the roads is fascinating. If something goes wrong, bricks can be picked up and moved, and replaced much easier than cutting through concrete and asphalt. If a brick breaks or a pothole is forming, the fix is quick and simple. And they last FOREVER! So, why aren't there more red brick roads in FW and everywhere? They are a little loud to drive on and as a city and society, we don't want to pay people for their work, much less their skills. We would rather have ugly streets that get closed down for weeks and months and years at a time because of repairs and potholes. We would rather pay a sub-subsistence wage than pay for craftsmanship. WHY bother with beauty and long-term savings when you can have cheap and ugly today?

Yellow Brick Road is an invitation to an exploration of something beyond the easy answer. An encouragement to embrace creativity in every aspect of life. It might cost you a little more upfront, like a brick road, but the benefits can pay off for generations.

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