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-Throne of God 3 x 3 feet Oil on canvas

$ 1,800.00 $ 2,500.00

In a culture dominated by patriarchy, God is deemed singularly male and particularly masculine.  This diminishes God and humanity.  

The first origin story in Genesis tells a story of humanity, male and female, created in the very image of God, male and female.  God is not male.  God is not female.  The image of is male and female.  

It is not a story of hierarchy and dominance, but a story of equality and respect.

My relationship with God is not one of groveling before a grand golden throne.  

My relationship with God is more akin to crawling up into a grandmother's lap to be wrapped in a handmade quilt, rocked and comforted in a well worn throne.  This is the throne I have painted.  A throne of wood and welcome and new beginnings.

My husband's great grandmother's rocking chair is the model for God's throne.  Generations have been rocked in this throne.  Generations to come will find comfort and continuity rocking in Grandmother's chair.

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