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-A Man Had Two Sons 3 x 4 feet acrylic on canvas

$ 2,800.00 $ 3,000.00
An exploration of the feminine in a story told through a patriarchal lense, the center of interests in A Man Had Two Sons is the female figure.  She could be the mother, caught in the middle of strife between sons.  She could represent Holy Spirit grieved by immaturity and misunderstanding.  

This dynamic painting pushes the story forward with the Chinese characters hidden beneath the paint.  The first on the left is the character for younger brother who is just visible on the horizon as seen through the window.  The middle character is the numeral two, two sons.  The right hand character identifies the elder brother who we see with a scythe cutting grain.

I love the hard lines and almost harsh colors.  One's eye moves around the painting.  The hand of the father on the back of his chair as he stands.  The elder brother with his back to us in the field.  The woman leaning on the railing that draws us deep into the painting.  The simple color scheme betrays a complex narrative.

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