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The Connection Series: Chaotic Order

The Revelation-Connection Series explores the happenstance, the chaos, and the randomness of life.  The randomness that is seldom quite as random as originally assumed.  Paintings searching for a higher order in the circumstances of life.  Paintings reaching for hope.

Revelation Series

JOURNEY TO MORNING LIGHT: Paintings of Perseverance

This series features acrylic paintings exploring the heart journey from darkness to light.  Paintings of perseverance.  Facing a new day is a courageous choice.  Journey to Morning Light explores the new "normal" known to all who have loved and lost.  These are paintings to inspire hope and celebrate the victory of the new dawn.

Journey to Morning Light Series


Inside.  Outside.  Over.  Under.  Through.  We speak of doors of opportunity and windows of escape.   We dream of a balanced life. These are the measurements of our lives.  The Explorations of Possibility paintings touch the magic of doors, windows and the illusion of a balanced life.  These paintings capture that rare sometime moment when the magic happens.Explorations of Possibility Series