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Overarching Considerations 22 x 22 acrylic on 140# paper

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Black is under rated and appreciated.  
Black is a rich and vibrant.  

Are you considering a classification of humanity?

I am not talking about people.  I am talking about one of my favorite colors.  Black

When someone mentions blue the next question is what kind of blue.  
The differences between blues can be quite striking.  
Baby blue, ultramarine, cerulean, aqua, sky, turquoise and on and on.  
All blues are celebrated.

The differences between blacks is more subtle, but equally worthy of consideration.  


It is time to look deeper.  It is time to look more closely.   It is time to embrace subtleties.

Maybe I am talking about a classification of humanity.  
The bible creation story says, created in the image of God, male and female.  
There is nothing about black or white or any other demarcation.  The image of God.  Male and female.  Even that leaves room for variation.  It is time for overarching consideration of our established ideals and beliefs.  Look deeply.

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